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Always Authentic

We are one of the first Annaul Manufacturing licenses in Humboldt county

CDPH -10002162

Come visit in Garberville!

We are absolutely serious about our products.
And it shows.



Our on site lab is a picture of quality. Every step has been thought through with procedures built in to provide consistently high quality for you.

Each grower's product is tracked as per CA law. In addition, to testing on site testing, we employ impartial third party testing to make certain the product meets the highest standards. Your high standards.

The result? A product that is tested free of Mold/Fungus, Heavy Metals, Foreign Contaminants, Pesticides/herbicides, Poisons, Hexane, Butane or tears of gypsies each time. every time.


You've heard stories of DIY basement processors who use harmful solvents?

We never do. NEVER.

We only utilize pharmaceutical grade super critical CO2 extraction.

This sophisticated extraction process results in a consistent product each and every time. One that shows in its effectiveness, safety and potency.


Check it out. Visit your favorite dispensary.