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We are outdoor sungrown only. Period. 'Nuff said.

True botanical medicine needs the sun.

Sunlight's the only way to allow the natural complement of compounds to burst forth and fully come to life.

Think of it this way: ever taste a freshly picked sungrown heirloom tomato of the vine, then bit into a hothouse tomato?

Sure you can duplicate the looks in a greenhouse plant -- but not the flavor!

Same principle applies with our plants.


Hey, here's where it all began.


Back in the day, Humboldt began to become home to all these dudes hauling back seeds from Afghanistan, often sewn in the hems of their jeans.

They started it, and they kept it going and watched it grow.

They're the ones who fought for the medicine. We honor their commitment.



People toss around the work “artisanal,” but there's a reason it fits some better than others.

An artisan draws on hard won knowledge. An artisan works in a community dedicated to a craft. And an artisan constantly and lovingly tests, tweaks and improves what he or she does.

It takes an artisan's craft to grow these plants and bring the best of new processes and machinery into play to create the best of the best in medicinal extracts.

We are a village of artisans proud to be living at the crossroads of craft and superior tech!